Miss.Travel beauty contest

You are fond of travelling and have a lot of photos? Perfect! Participate in Miss.Travel beauty contest and win the grand prize! Miss.Travel is the most objective beauty contest. Only girls with true passion for travelling can take part in it. And the voters will be... Yes! People who are just as excited about travelling as you are, and adventurous individuals. Miss.Travel is your chance to show another side of yourself, tell the world about your passion and win the Grand or the additional prize.

Become a contestant

Fill out a form and upload 3-5 photos. After that you'll start receiving votes from the jury in form of little airplanes. If you have the most amount of airplanes by the end of the competition - congratulations! You are the winner and you'll receive the grand prize! If you rank 2-5 you'll be receiving an additional prize! Become a member of the jury You want to decide which contestant deserves the Grand prize? Register as a jury member, view our contestants' photos and send airplanes to the most beautiful one! View the current rating of our participants - you can influence your favorite contestant's rating.

The voting rules for the members of the jury

Register as a member of the jury - then you can view photos of participants and give your vote to the girls you like. View the contestants' photos one-by-one. If a girl is to your liking - give her your vote in form of an airplane, if she's not - skip her photo and move on to the next one. If you missed a participant but want to return to give her the airplane-continue to view the participants in turn. Once you view all the participants, you can start viewing their photos again and send the airplane to the girl you like. First, look at the main photos and rate the participants. You've already sent airplanes to all the girls you like? Now look at the list of participants and their current rating. You can only send one airplane to one participant per day for free. Do you want to give more airplanes to the girls you like? Not a problem! Buy additional planes and send them to the participants who deserve to win in your opinion. You like one or more participants and want to contact them personally? Send 50 airplanes to the contestant whom you find most attractive and you will get the opportunity to contact the participant and communicate with her in the chat! The participant who has the largest amount of airplanes by the end of the final of the competition will receive the Grand Prize.

Registration of participants

To participate in the contest Miss.Travel, fill in the form and upload photos. In the questionnaire, tell us about yourself and, if possible, about why you like to travel and what travel means to you. Upload 3 or more full-length photos and at least one in a bikini. Please note-the photos should not include third parties and should not be retouched. Upload photos that show your face clearly. Choose the brightest and most beautiful photos-remember that the jury members will decide whether they will send you their airplane or not based on the photo. Good luck with the contest!