Rules of the international online beauty contest Miss.Travel


General provisions


These Rules of the international online beauty contest Miss.Travel (the "Rules") define the main objectives, terms and conditions of the online beauty contest "Miss.Travel" (the "Contest"). The organizer of the contest is the company "Miss.travel" (the "organizer"). The aim of the Competition is to promote a healthy lifestyle, beauty and traveling. Organizational and logistics support, information management of the contest are funded by the Organizer of the Contest, sponsors and other sources of income not prohibited by existing international law.


The procedure of the Contest


* The contest is held in an online format.

* The contest is held in 2 stages: qualifying round and Competition.

* Participants of the contest are girls who are 18 years of age or older at the first stage of the Competition, and have filled out the form to participate in the Competition.

* The jury of the competition are persons who have registered on the site www.miss.travel  as a member of the Jury.

* To participate in the Competition, it is enough to fill out the registration form and upload the required number of photos.

* Persons who have filled in all the necessary information and photos, will be assigned an individual number for the purpose of organizing online voting on the Contest website www.miss.travel

By posting the application form on the Contest website, the participant confirms that she has read and accepted the rules of the Contest, as well as agreed to processing and use of personal data and photos and to receiving messages from the jury members. All contact information may be used by the Organizer solely to contact the person who provided them. The organizer of the Contest complies with the requirements for confidentiality of contact information and does not transfer it to third parties.




The timeframe of the Contest


. The qualifying round is held from 1 January 2020 to 1 March 2020;

. The main stage of the Competition is held from 12:00 GMT 1 March 2020  to  12:00 GMT 30 April 2020. 

Requirements for photos provided by Contestants

. To participate, need to attach at least 3 full-length photos, one of them is desirable in a bikini;

. The contestant's face should be clearly visible in the photo. Photos in which the face is hidden by dark sunglasses, masks or other accessories are not allowed;

. Photos must be submitted in jpeg format;

. The presence of third parties in the photo is not allowed;

. Photos processed with the help of graphics editors are allowed in the Contest, if only the image settings have been altered (sharpness, contrast, brightness);

. Photos that have been retouched or have the content of the image changed are not accepted for participation in the Contest;

. Only photos that have been taken 6 months ago prior to the Contest are accepted;

. The Contest does not allow photos with pornographic content , as well as photos containing any promotional materials.

By registering on the website www.miss.travel  and submitting the application form for participation in the contest, the participant confirms that the photos are personal property, free from claims of third parties that the photo shows the person who completed the questionnaire, and that there are no circumstances that would prevent the use of photographs by the Contest Organizer. By uploading a photo the participant grants the Organizer the right to use these photos for advertising the Contest and other commercial purposes aimed at popularizing the Contest.


Rules of the qualifying round

In the qualifying round participate individuals who:

. meet the requirements specified in these Rules;

. fill out the application form on the Contest website www.miss.travel

. uploaded minimum 3 photos that meet the photo requirements.

The organizer has the right to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the participant of the Contest, as well as to ask the participant to provide missing or additional information, if necessary. The organizer has the right to reject the application form of a participant without explanation, if any of the information provided does not meet the requirements defined in these rules. If the application is accepted, and the contest has already begun, the contestant's profile cannot be deleted until the end of the competition.


Rules of the main stage of the Contest


The contest is held in an online format. The contestants are rated by persons who have registered on the website www.miss.travel  as members of the jury. A member of the jury views the information provided by each participant of the contest and gives votes, sending an airplane to the participant Whom he/she likes. Each member of the jury can give only one airplane to one participant per day for free. The jury members can transfer more planes to the participants during the day - all additional planes are paid. The winner is the participant who has the largest number of airplanes.

The winner receives the Main Prize 3000$ for purchasing tour products,

which is announced for each Contest separately.

Participants who placed 2-5 by the end of the contest will receive additional prizes.

2* - 1000 $ for purchasing tour products

3* - 800 $ for purchasing tour products

4* - 700 $ for purchasing tour products

5* - 500 $ for purchasing tour products


Procedure for receiving prizes


At the end of the contest, on April 30 at 12:00 GMT, voting will be stopped, and the participant with the largest number of airplanes will be declared the winner. After that, the participants will get information about the place and procedure for receiving prizes from the Organizer. Winners trip to the ceremony, paid from the prize pool.

The organizer reserves the right to unilaterally make additions and amendments to the process of preparation organization of the award ceremony.


Additional provision


If the Contest is hampered by circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer, the Organizer reserves the right, at his own discretion, to change the dates of the competition, the conditions, and the right to withhold or cancel the Competition. In case of disputes regarding the interpretation of the terms and conditions of the Contest and these Rules, the official interpretation of the Organizer shall be recognized. It is final and binding on all persons taking part in the Contest as a participant or jury and is not subject to appeal.

Miss.travel team wishes you good luck, we hope your dreams come true in our independent online platform, for choosing the most beautiful and worthy Miss.Travel !